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BIMERING Spaces is a sub-brand of BIMERING.

It was never about, “What do you THINK about this photo/video?”

It was always about, “How do you FEEL about this photo/video?”

There’s a reason why beautiful car and road images come first and specs always come at the end of the brochure. A reason why Steve Jobs never mentioned hardware numbers and stats when first presenting a new product. And the reason is simple. People care about the story, about the dream, about feeling they’re there, driving that car, on that road, shooting a beautiful roadside view on the amazing new iPhone, feeling blown away!


My passion for photography started early in my life. I did my first photography course back in 1995, in the seemingly far away “film age”. I learned how to develop film and all the photography bases, like speed, aperture, ISO, and so the endless learning process started.

From there on it was like hoarding experiences and lessons. I did some travel, wedding, and portrait photography and became the definition of self-taught! The “digital age” set in fast, and even the “drone age” fit me like a glove from the long experience with model airplanes and helicopters.

Video came later, but it quickly became as big of a passion as photography! 

Both usually go hand in hand with most of the work I do for real estate, architecture, and institutional projects I produce.


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