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Why Luxury Real Estate Needs Professional Photography

Luxury real estate agents know that their job is difficult, finding the right clients within the right budget is a hard enough job as it is.

So how do high-end real estate companies market their luxury properties?

In this day and age, marketing properties needs to be done with high-quality, high-resolution imagery and videos. You can land on just about any real estate website these days and see 360 degree tours, multiple high-end images and even drone footage.

Did you know? Houses that use a professional photographer for their listing, on average sell $11,000 over market-value and sell 50% faster than homes with average photographs.

Luxury Real Estate Algarve
Luxury Real Estate Algarve

Here's why you need to hire a professional.

1. Portraying Professionalism

Professional photography is going to bring one absolute advantage to your hand, this is the ability to portray professionalism.

People on the lookout for the right property in a higher budget won't be happy with seeing low-quality smartphone images of their next potential home.

Professional photography available on your website will take your properties from average to extraordinary, and visitors to your store and your website will begin to associate your brand with being a professional, now low-cost brand.

2. The Ability To See More

Having a professional photographer visit your newest listing is being able to give an objective party the opportunity to photograph the property in a way that other people would like to see it.

A professional photographer, particularly one with specialisation in real estate and architecture, will be able to visit your new listing and take images from angles that will allow maximum viewing of the property.

3. It Will Save You Time

Having someone else come in and do your photography for you, will open up a lot more hours for you to focus on what matters, the sale.

On average, it can take 2 to 20 hours to create a listing, between taking photos, developing the photos, and creating the videos, virtual tours, social media adverts, and more.

So save yourself some time, hire a professional and let yourself be free to focus on other things.

4. Opening Up For Staged Photography

A professional is going to know how a home should be staged for its big debut. There are things that they know should not be in the shot, and things that can be in the shot.

Potential buyers should be able to envision themselves living in the home, and this can only be done if the staging is done directly.

By removing personal artifacts, your potential buyer is not distracted, and it becomes easier to determine whether the home is suitable for them.

5. Creating the Perfect Composition

To the average Joe, taking a professional photograph might seem as easy as the click of the button. Don't be fooled.

Professional photographers take hundreds and hundreds of hours to perfect their work.

From the hundreds of images they will capture on the day of your listing's photoshoot, they will narrow it down to the absolute best options that are ultimately going to get you what you want, the sale.

Both their work experience and eye for art will allow them to create the absolutely perfect composition of images, from the editing through to the choice of images.

Never Fear When a Professional is Near

If you've gone ahead and hired a professional photographer, try and arrange a scouting meeting beforehand. This will help your photographer to determine what equipment he needs to bring along with him, as well as what time of day would be best to showcase your new listing at its absolute best.

Remember to trust the person you've hired, if you've seen their portfolio and liked their work, chances are you'll be happy with the result if you allow them to do what they do best.

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